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Trigger Point Massage Therapy in Durham, NC

Do you have tightness in your muscles? Are you looking for an experienced massage therapist trained in trigger point massages to help get rid of pain? Consider trigger point massage therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC.

What Are Trigger Point Massages?

A trigger point massage focuses on “trigger points” in muscles. These are tight areas, knots within your muscle tissue (fascia) that can cause pain in other parts of the body. For instance a trigger point in your back may cause you pain in your neck, which in turn, may cause pain in other areas of the body. Trigger point massages focus, specifically, on these trigger points and is aimed at releasing knots, tension, and pressure. The results and benefits of this type of massage are that the client can alleviate the pain in these tight spots in the muscles. After just one treatment one can expect a decrease in pain, and ongoing trigger point massage therapy can help clients naturally manage chronic injury pain and stress.

Trigger point massages reach deep within the muscle tissue, fascia, joints, and ligaments to remove knots, so the massage therapy may be uncomfortable or even painful at times. Tell your masseuse about acute pain you experience during trigger point massages and inform the massage therapist ahead of time about recent surgeries, health issues, or injuries. Trigger point massages may cause soreness or result in stiffness that lasts for a day or two. Contact your massage therapist if pain or soreness becomes chronic or lasts for more than a few days.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage

When you book a trigger point massage from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC, you will begin your session with music and lighting designed to relax your senses. Your massage therapist will talk to you to determine the area of concern and then move over your body to determine the location of the trigger point. This initial phase may create some discomfort due to the pressure being applied to determine the exact area of the problem. Depending on the size or location of the trigger point, more than one application of trigger point massage therapy may be required to alleviate the issue.

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Book a trigger point massage with Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC and get relief from pain and muscle tightness. When you come to Carolina Therapeutic Massage, a certified and friendly massage therapist will discuss specific treatment with you and provide trigger point massage therapy. Schedule an appointment for trigger point massage and other types of massage therapy, skin care and facials, and waxing  or call (919) 941-0026 now.