Swedish Massage Therapy in Durham

Are you in need of relaxation and stress relief? A Swedish Massage from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC is your solution!


Swedish Massage Therapy in Durham, NC

Swedish massages have been shown to decrease stress hormones such as cortisol and increase white blood cells that aid in immunity. More than just a stress reliever and immunity booster, Swedish massage therapy helps oxygenate blood, lowers muscle toxicity, improves blood circulation, and increases flexibility and range of motion. Whatever your massage therapy needs in Durham, NC, Carolina Therapeutic Massage is here with solutions.

What Are Swedish Massages?

Swedish massages are great for those new to massage, as well as those unable to endure deeper massage therapy techniques due to health or injury. Swedish massage uses firm, yet gentle strokes. Swedish massage is specifically designed to provide relaxation to the entire body. Muscles are rubbed in the direction of venial blood-flow with large strokes designed to increase blood circulation to larger muscle groups, providing pain relief and relaxation over the entire body.

Swedish Massage Therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage

When you arrive for a Swedish massage at Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC, the mood is first set with lighting and music designed to relax all of your senses. Your masseuse will ask you to lie face down on the massage table and begin to use firm strokes in long brush-like lines from your lower back up toward your upper back, shoulders, and arms. The massage therapist will then concentrate on your hips and legs. Midway through the Swedish massage, you will be asked to lie on your back, enabling the massage therapist to treat your upper shoulders as well as the front of your arms and legs.

As with any massage, always inform your massage therapist prior to the beginning of Swedish massage therapy of any health concerns or recent injuries. Let your masseuse know if at any point during your Swedish massage you experience pain or discomfort. Some soreness may result for a day or so after a Swedish massage, but let your massage therapist know if you experience acute pain or if discomfort lingers for more than a few days.

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