Sports Massage Therapy in Durham

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Sports Massage Therapy in Durham, NC

Are you an athlete, musician, or an individual who regularly participates in rigorous, repetitive motions? Sports massage therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC is designed with you in mind. Depending on your sport or activity, the experts at Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC will design a sports massage specifically designed to target the muscles, joints, and body areas that you stress from repetition and overuse, offering relief.


What Are Sports Massages?

Sports massages focus on specific areas of overuse for athletes, musicians, and people who perform rigorous repetitive motions. Areas that are over-stressed require special attention, and sports massages are designed with this in mind. Sports massages and sports massage therapy increase range of motion and blood flow, allowing injured areas to heal more quickly. With sports massage, only specific areas of overuse are targeted while other areas of the body remain unaffected. Sports massage in Durham, NC is great for athletes, musicians, and others, both before and after the big event!

Sports Massage Therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage

When you choose a sports massage from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC, your massage therapist will first discuss the specifics of your sport or activity as well as muscle groups that may be overused and stressed. Various methods will be employed by your masseuse including deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapy, stretching, and other related techniques.

Your massage therapist at Carolina Therapeutic Massage will first allow the mind and body to be fully relaxed, using soft lighting and relaxing music. Your masseuse will then target the specific areas of your body needing attention using various methods designed to stimulate blood flow and aid in the repair of muscle fibers. Since deep tissue massage therapy will likely be employed, be sure to inform your massage therapist of recent injuries or if the massage therapy becomes too painful.

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For improved range of motion and relief from overworked muscles and joints, book a sports massage with Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC today. Your massage therapist will discuss the specifics of your concerns and provide the relief you need with a sports massage designed specifically for you. Schedule your sports massage, massage therapy, skin care and facials, and waxing  appointment now by calling (919) 941-0026 or booking online.