Prenatal Massage Therapy in Durham

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Prenatal Massage Therapy in Durham, NC

Prenatal massage therapy has many benefits for mother and child. Prenatal massages are a great way to reduce stress and relieve discomfort that accompanies pregnancy. Mothers in Durham, NC and elsewhere can experience relief from back pain, stiffness in the neck and joints, leg cramping, headaches, swelling, and other typical discomforts that come with pregnancy while improving blood-flow, easing tension, and improving hormonally induced depression and anxiety.


What Is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massages use massage therapy techniques that encourage blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint strain, and promote the release of toxins while improving mood. Increased blood flow will promote lymphatic system functions, improving health and removing toxins for mother and baby. Prenatal massage therapy also helps the mind reconnect with the body, enabling mother to be more focused, aware, and stress-free.

Prenatal Massage Therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage

Expectant mothers who choose Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC will first meet with their massage therapist to discuss overall health and any concerns or complications associated with the pregnancy. Once basic details have been discussed, your masseuse will set the mood with lighting and relaxing music designed to relax the body and mother’s senses. Your massage will take care as to how mother lies on the massage table and will instruct her as to proper positioning dependent upon term of the pregnancy, overall condition, and areas needing attention.

For relief of headaches, your masseuse will perform massage therapy on the shoulders, neck, and head, relax trigger points, and promote blood flow. Increased blood flow to areas of the back and legs that carry the weight of the baby with massage therapy similar to deep tissue massage. Techniques comparable to Swedish Massage will be used to promote serotonin release, a hormone associated with positive mood. As with all forms of massage therapy, it is very important for mother to inform her massage therapist if she experiences pain or severe discomfort at any point during the prenatal massage

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To relieve stressed muscles and joints as well as improve blood circulation and positive hormone release, schedule a prenatal massage with Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC today. Your masseuse will work with you to determine the specific needs of your pregnancy and design a specialized prenatal massage just for you. Contact Carolina Therapeutic Massage for prenatal massage in Durham, other types of massage therapy, skin care and facials, and waxing  or call (919) 941-0026 now.