Massage Therapy in Durham, NC

The demands and pace of daily life in Durham, NC can be enough to wear anyone down. Regular therapeutic massages have been shown to promote stress reduction, increased circulation, and better posture. Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC is here for all of your massage therapy & massage services needs.


Types of Massages From Carolina Therapeutic Massage

Different needs result in different forms of massages. At Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC, we design massage therapy regimens and massage services based upon your specific need. We offer deep tissue massages, trigger point massages, swedish massages, pre-natal massages, sports massages, and other specialized therapeutic massage techniques.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage precisely targets muscle knots relieving tension

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Trigger Point

Trigger Point therapy specifically targets deep tissue areas

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Swedish Massage

A light to medium pressure massage for stress and relaxation

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Pre-Natal Massage

A custom therapeutic massage for prenatal care for Mom & baby

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Sports Massage

A therapeutic massage geared to your sport and body areas impacted

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The Benefits of Massage Services from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC


Shoulder tension is a prime contributor to stress and may even affect heart rate and blood pressure. With massage therapy from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC, experience relief from muscle tension and stress.


Bad habit and advancing age can lead to bad posture, causing stiffness and pain. Regular massage services from Carolina Therapeutic Massage can assist muscles and joints to allow the body to return to a more natural posture.


Blood circulation is constricted by tense muscles. Therapeutic massages from Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC can provide relief to muscle tension, promoting better blood flow and circulation.

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If you are looking for the highest quality massage therapy, including deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, Pre-Natal, sports, and other specialized massage services, Carolina Therapeutic Massage in Durham, NC is your choice. In addition to therapeutic massage therapy, we also offer wide range of skin care services. As licensed massage and estheticians, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest level of care. Contact us online or call today!

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