Body & Facial Waxing in Durham

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Body & Facial Waxing in Durham, NC

Unwanted body or facial hair can lower your self confidence and feel less attractive. Shaving your hair with a sharp razor blade may lead to nicks or cuts that are painful and unsightly. Carolina Therapeutic Massage, in Durham, NC offers body and facial waxing so you can remove unwanted hair without the risk of cutting yourself. Facial & body waxing also lasts longer than conventional shaving. If you are thinking about hair removal, make an appointment with Carolina Therapeutic Massage today.

How Exactly Does Waxing Work?

Body & Facial waxing is a form of hair removal that removes the hair from the root, instead of just the surface. Most new hair wont grow back for around four to six weeks (though this can vary by person). At Carolina Therapeutic Massage, we heat our wax and use wax strips to remove your unwanted hair. Our waxing services are affordable and we have our esthetician certification, so you know you’re in good hands.

Body Waxing Services from Carolina Therapeutic Massage

We offer a wide variety of different body waxing services for our clients in Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas. Here are a list of some of the body waxing services we offer:

 Facial Waxing Services from Carolina Therapeutic Massage

Aside from body waxing, we also offering facial waxing services to our clients. Below are a list of our facial waxing services:

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Massages & Skin Care don’t have to be a luxury item. Scheduling yourself for massages and facials regularly can make you feel better. Massages can increase blood flow, decrease stress, and can lead to better posture. Facials and other skin care services can help you feel younger and more relaxed as well. Carolina Therepeutic Massage in Durham provides professional skin care, waxing services, and massage services. Book your service and feel better today!